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Dark Times

Every year 4,774,000 women in the U.S. experience physical violence by an intimate partner.  Family and domestic violence (including child abuse, intimate partner abuse and elder abuse is a common problem.  Everyday, women and children are killed by their husband and father.  I understand that leaving a domestic violence situation can be very volatile. 

However, protection is available!  I am a survivor of every form of abuse.  It started for me when I was just twelve years old.  I have survived some very horrific moments, but GOD brought me through.  And HE did it so I can be of assistance for someone else.

I am an advocate because I was chosen and ordained by God to be so.  This is personal for me, this is important to me! I am in it to rescue, restore hope and help ladies find their worth again.  The Bible says in the last days men’s hearts will wax cold, and they will be lovers of self.   We see it happening every single day!

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