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From Pain to Purpose is a testimony of the power of God in the life of the author, Barbara Pettis, as she tries to navigate the struggles and challenges of life, love, abuse, marriage, and ultimate breakthrough.It is Barbara’s memoir; it is also her manifesto. Her pain as a victim from a prolonged period of domestic violence—perpetrated by those who should have loved her the most—has miraculously been transformed by God into her life’s purpose. (Marlon T. Perkins, Sr., Pastor) Barbara takes her readers down a meandering pathway filled with “pit stops, roadblocks and warning signs.” These signals serve as essential markers and indicators as one journeys with Barbara to witness the unraveling of the multiplicity of emotional, social, and physical chaos of finding self, as defined by the author, engulfed in misery and pain from Texas to California and emerging victorious. Those struggling to break out of situations of abuse will find this story especially relatable and uniquely empowering! From Pain to Purpose is a powerful retelling of a true story of love, passion, growth, and rebirth. It shows the struggles and presents pathways to breakthrough

From Pain to Purpose

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